Tyumenneftegas has built a unique well on Yamal

Tyumenneftegas, Rosneft subsidiary, has successfully completed the construction of unique well at Russkiy field in the YaNAD.

The well 867 m deep has a horizontal displacement as of 2048 m. By the international classification of ERD – extended reach drilling, such parameter ration is considered super-sophisticated and unique. The DDI equals 6.7 and is one of the highest for Yamal equivalent projects.

The construction of extended-reach well lasted for 26 days. This technology will enable drilling at HTR and swamp areas of Yamal tundra.

The technologies applied for new wells drilling ensure the reduction of well construction cycle and increase in the commercial drilling speed. In 2017, the drilling speed of Tyumenneftegas has gained 24% if compared to 2016. The H1 2017 registered the footage as of 83 k m, which is 2.5-fold more than last year.

Russkiy field was discovered in 1968, and is located beyond the polar circle in the Tazovsky area of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. In 2015, a full-scale drilling started. As of 1 July 2017, over 150 k m of operational footage is accomplished.

As of 01.01.2017, the recoverable oil and condensate reserves (АВ1В2) were estimated at 425 m t.

The field crude is characterised by premium commercial properties: low-paraffin and low-sulphur (0,32% better than Brent). Despite the Russkiy field oil is HD and HV, it does not freeze under low temperatures.

Source: Rosneft

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