The Northern Latitudinal Railway project is submitted for the government board review

This promising project can win a grant as of 10bn RUB. The project stipulates for the construction of the Northern Latitudinal Railway (NLR). The project is already accomplished and submitted for approval to the district government board.
In particular, the Ob River bridge will be built within the framework of the project. As reported by Dmitriy Kobylkin, Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the grant was downsized to 10bn RUB. Besides, almost 8,2bn RUB will be allocated by the regional budget. These funds will be spent on the construction of bridge motorway connecting Salekhard and Labytnanga. The funds will be also raised from attracted investment.

Above all, the construction of a 700km railway is afoot, to connect the Northern and Sverdlovsk rail tracks, and enable product transportation from Yamal’s northern production areas.
To recap, about a year ago, the agreement was signed with Russian Railways on the project implementation. As follows from the agreement, the regional funds would be partaking in bridge construction financing, particularly, the Ob river bridge. In the Q1 2017, Gazprom became a new partner of Russian Railways, intending to build 112 km of railways. It should be noted that the investment project is estimated at 240bn RUB.
In addition, further construction of Bovanenkovo-Sabetta corridor 170 km long is in the works. The transport corridor will considerably increase the load of a new sea port, and ensure exports to new EU and APR markets.
At present, the railroad section design documentation development is underway, featuring the PPP private investor.

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