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Novatek: the first Yamal LNG tanker is likely to be shipped to CNPC

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As reported by Mark Jetway, Novatek CFO, the first Yamal LNG tanker might be shipped to CNPC in recognition of company’s contribution to the project and APR market significance.

He had earlier announced that Yamal LNG phase 1 is 97% ready, with overall project status at 89%.

Yamal LNG project with a capacity of 17.5 mtpa is based on South Tambey field. Project shareholders are Novatek (50,1%), Total (20%), CNPC (20%) , and Silk Road Fund (9,9%). Three process trains as of 5,5 mtpa each, along with 1 mtpa train, will be built within the project.

Yamal LNG phase 1 commissioning is scheduled for November 2017.

Source: /1prime.ru/


Novatek boosting LNG-projects

Leonid Mikhelson, the Chairman of board, Novatek, outlined current activities carried out by the two Russian projects for the liquefaction of natural gas in the Extreme North during his meeting with the Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The company plans to commission the “Yamal LNG” plant at full capacity ahead of schedule. European banks wish to join…

Mikhelson: Yamal LNG has already signed LNG shipment contracts totalling 600bn RUB.

Key Yamal LNG clients are APR countries, accounting for 86% of all contracts signed The amount of signed LNG shipment contracts with Yamal LNG exceeds 600bn RUB, further extensible, as informed by Leonid Mikhelson, Novatek CEO. “Yamal LNG has signed contracts totalling 600bn RUB, and we intend to boost the amount rapidly”, – he said…

New arctic field hides large gas reserves, informs the Minister

“We have tested 9 sections of the deposits of the Valanginian and Apt age. We found gas and gas condensate everywhere”, states Mr. Donskoy in the interview given to Interfax, informs “Vedomosti” Kruzenstern licensed site is located partially inland and on the shelf. According to Mr. Donskoy, Gazprom is preparing for the test well boring…