New cargo flows are passing through the Arctic via the Siberian rivers

Within days, ten new ships will arrive to the arctic port of Sabetta carrying cargo, which will further head off to the border with Kazakhstan via Ob and Irtysh.

The final destination is Tobosk, but cargo first comes to Sabetta, a new arctic port at the northernmost point of Yamal peninsula, further shipped southward via the great Siberian rivers.

The route is characterised by an extreme length and complexity. However, it is a better alternative for large-tonnage shipments to the centre of Siberia, as recognised by companies.

During the summer 10 ships will be stevedored in the Port of Sabetta, whose cargo will continue the route by river barges. The barges will pass the Gulf of Ob, Ob and Irtysh.

The route river part alone exceeds 2000 km.

Cargos representing bulky structures are aimed for Sibur’s new refinery in Tobolsk.

“The unique character and importance of the Northern Sea Route is enormous. Transportation via the NSR is the only large-sized shipment method via the Gulf of Ob to the very heart of Siberia,” – as informed by Urals Customs Directorate.

Such logistic operations were first carried out in 2016, when Tobolsk hosted 11 barges totalling 20.000 t of cargo. This year, there will be 30 barges, as reported by the customs directorate.

Source: The Independent Barents Observer

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