Gazprom neft will

carry out the seismic survey of Prirazlomnoye field in 2018 to start the second
development stage

Gazprom neft will execute a seismic survey of Prirazlomnoye in 2018 within the framework of the second development stage, as informed by Alexander Dyukov, company’s Chair.

As he said, the second stage of Prirazlomnoye development is called Silurian and Devonian project. The seismics to be performed next year will result in the decision upon further development.

In the late December 2016 Alexander Dyukov announced that the company intends to boost crude production нat the field during 2017 up to 2,5‒2,6 mtpa, with crude yield in 2016 totalling 2,1 mtpa.

Prirazlomnoye is the only Russian Arctic offshore field where oil is produced. The industrial deposit development started in December 2013. A new oil variety ARCO emerged the global market in 2014. The field is situated in the Pechora Sea 60 km away from the shore. The proven oil reserves exceed 70 m t. The Prirazlomnaya ice resistant platform was built for it. The project subsoil user is Gazpromneft shelf, Gazprom neft’s subsidiary.

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