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Belkomur railroad will total 330bn RUB together with loans

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Construction of Belkomur railway, which, as projected, will pass from the White Sea through Komi to Urals, is estimated at 330bn RUB, taking into account loaned assets, as reported by CEO of Belkomur Vladimir Shchelokov.

“The project net cost is 251,5bn RUB as of 2016. If loaned funds are taken into consideration, then almost 330bn RUB. Starting with 2014 we initiated PPP and intend to implement the project by concession”, – Shchelokov said.

The Chinese investors are interested in project and ready to take part in it. Then negotiations in  VEB were held on hedging and other financing issues.

Construction is expected  to take 8 years. If it starts in 2018, then since 2023 onwards the road will be available for  cargo transit. By 2034, it will reach design capacities — 35 mtpa of cargo.

Project for the construction of Belkomur railway stipulates for the reduction of cargo transit length from Urals and Siberia to seaports of Arkhangelsk by 850 km. It will be of strategic importance to Russia, as will connect Urals and Komi to warm water ports of Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and Northern Europe.

The investor is Poly Group’s subsidiary Poly International Holding Co., is ready to invest 5,5bn USD.

Source: /tass.ru/


Novatek boosting LNG-projects

Leonid Mikhelson, the Chairman of board, Novatek, outlined current activities carried out by the two Russian projects for the liquefaction of natural gas in the Extreme North during his meeting with the Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The company plans to commission the “Yamal LNG” plant at full capacity ahead of schedule. European banks wish to join…

Mikhelson: Yamal LNG has already signed LNG shipment contracts totalling 600bn RUB.

Key Yamal LNG clients are APR countries, accounting for 86% of all contracts signed The amount of signed LNG shipment contracts with Yamal LNG exceeds 600bn RUB, further extensible, as informed by Leonid Mikhelson, Novatek CEO. “Yamal LNG has signed contracts totalling 600bn RUB, and we intend to boost the amount rapidly”, – he said…

New arctic field hides large gas reserves, informs the Minister

“We have tested 9 sections of the deposits of the Valanginian and Apt age. We found gas and gas condensate everywhere”, states Mr. Donskoy in the interview given to Interfax, informs “Vedomosti” Kruzenstern licensed site is located partially inland and on the shelf. According to Mr. Donskoy, Gazprom is preparing for the test well boring…