190bn RUB will be allocated on the Arctic

Before 2025, the federal budget will allocate over 190bn RUB for the state programme “Social and economic development of the Russian Arctic”.

The national programme is carried out in three stages:

Stage 1 is preliminary. It finishes this year. It featured the activities focused on federal and regional authorities’ coordination in the context of the Arctica development, Arctic zone separation in the context of statistic monitoring, and development of approaches and concepts for forming the index zones;

Stage 2, within 2018–2020, stipulates for the pilot projects of index zones; the launch of integrated information support; development of the single information and telecom system for the transportation sector; the creation of radio-electric equipment, cross-regional data collection, processing and transmission across the Arctic; the formation (modernisation) of nonstationary site and seaport waters protection system; engineering support for marine environmental surveillance and modernisation of hydro meteorological observation network etc.;

Stage 3, within 2021–2025, stipulates for the creation and operation of all index zones; the development of Arctic emergency monitoring and forecasting system; creation of the advanced scientific framework (including for offshore development in the Arctic seas) and others.

The programme contains three sub programmes: «The formation and operation of index zones, as well as the creation of favourable conditions for socio-economic development of the Arctic”, “The development of Northern Sea Route and Arctic navigation”, “The development of technologies and equipment of oil and gas and industrial engineering, necessary for the Arctic development”.

The sub programmes envisage 22 activities, including those of the Ministry of Defence.

Thus the projects will receive the following federal funds:
I stage: 2015–2017– no funds;
II stage: 2018–2020– more than 46bn RUB;
III stage: 2021–2025 – more than 144bn RUB.

Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Vice Premier has noted that the programme is approved by all line ministries ad agencies. Private capital attraction is underway.

Source: Arctic Council media office

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